7 Cool Things We Saw at Canal Convergence 2015 in Scottsdale

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My Your Our Water by Erin V. Sotak

Local artist Erin V. Sotak spent Canal Convergence riding her blue and white trike along the canal, engaging citizens in dialogue about the wise use of water and their own water-related experiences. Intrigued by her white jumpsuit and helmet, people often paused to ask Sotak about her project hear her take on water conservation and usage.

Cool Canal Convergence offerings included her trio of words (MY, YOUR and OUR) floating atop the canal between the Marshall and Soleri Bridges, and nighttime projections of water-related images gathered by Sotak via her website. She's still looking for photos, so folks can continue to send their water pics her way. Sotak suggests folks also explore the Change the Course website, which presents strategies for sustaining a stable climate.

Miss Fire by Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre

When a pair of dancers donning costumes featuring lavender tulle infused with pale purple lights started moving through the Soleri Plaza Saturday night, dozens of people spanning several generations circled around to watch. One stacked hollow blue and orange cubes created by artist Joy Holland, then made them her vertical stage. Another spent time in floor work, laying inside a rectangular cube for a time, then lying still underneath it. Soon they danced together along the Soleri Bridge, moving slowly and gracefully under a portion of local artist Saskia Jordá's Migration. They performed again on Sunday under overcast skies that made for a delightful backdrop to their artistry.

The Pool by Jen Lewin

In a pocket of grass bordering the Soleri Plaza, people young and old walked, skipped, and jumped across discs about the size of your average hubcaps. Lewin placed the disks in three circular groupings, so there was plenty of space for merriment and movement. All 106 disks inspired by Australian tide pools were created with pressure-activated lights that glow in assorted colors as people make their way across them. Think neon shades of purple, pink, orange, and blue that look they were poured from a fresh pitcher of Kool-Aid.

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