7 Father's Day Gift Ideas in Metro Phoenix

Dear old dad. He may not get the same credit mothers do, but more often than not he's just as important in your life: from teaching you how to drive to shelling out cash almost as often as he tells stories. President Richard Nixon declared Father's Day a nationwide holiday in 1972 -- a full 58 years of Mother's Days after its predecessor. And while dad's day isn't touted in the aisles nearly as much, American kids still spend around a billion dollars on the old man every June.

He'll tell you he doesn't need anything. And while that may be true, unlike all the tips and tricks he's given you over the years it doesn't mean you should follow his advice. Father's Day is Sunday, June 15, and we're here to give you our own list of tips for what to get the man of the house -- and arguably the most difficult family member to shop for.

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