7 Must-See Third Friday Art Shows in Phoenix on February 20

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"Kid Stuff"

Think back to all those early childhood art-making days, when teachers offered supplies from Popsicle sticks to uncooked macaroni. Now imagine all the ways such simple, inexpensive materials might be used by artists -- which is just what you'll find at Halt Gallery in the Roosevelt Row A.R.T.S. Market. The "Kid Stuff" exhibition features works by ten artists "exploring the contemporary use of techniques and materials ordinarily used by children."

Exhibiting artists include Peter Bugg, Mark Creegan, Nora Hartlaub, Sarazen Haile Kokodynsky, Sara Mejia Kriendler, Dan Lam, Talia Levitt, Whitney Lynn, Ryan Peter Miller, and Christine You-sun Park. Friday's opening reception takes place from 6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. Find more information on the Halt Gallery website.

"Madison Creech: Migrating Below"

We've seen some mighty impressive artworks at Step Gallery inside ASU's Grant Street Studios, so we're excited about seeing this MFA thesis exhibition in fibers inspired by bird wings and flight, and Creech's fascination with birds' aptitude for migration and nest building.

The ASU School of Art notes that Creech's work "uses tools, symbols, and narratives to illustrate the fragmented and confusing relationship between bird and human." Exhibits rotate pretty quickly through this venue, so you've only be able to see this show February 19-28.

This Friday's opening reception takes place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Find more information on the ASU School of Art website.

"Ladies First!"

You'll find works by 30 artists featured in this exhibition at Jobot Coffee celebrating women in the arts. But there's plenty of entertainment too, including live music by The Darling Sounds and Hula Hoop performance by Lola Joy. Look for DJ Stoneypie & DJ Kaijupie too.

For folks who like the fine print, we've got the full list of participating artists: Amy Austin, Grace Bolyard, Crystal Botello, Erin Caldwell, Allie Conrad, Shona Crawford, Ellie Craze, Lisa Michelle Jacobs, Robyn Kingsley, Gypsy Konecki, Kristina Kuhl, Tara Logsdon, Ashley Macias, Carrie Marill, Lindsay McHenry, Murry Michaud, Kallen Mikel, Niki Rose Noriega, Dawn ODoul, Michelle Ponce, Layal Rabat, Myshele Renee, Carol Roque, Brittany Roza, Natalie Scott, A Claire Slattery, Billie Speece, Bree Stoffer, Vanessa Tutch, and Mimi Tyree.

Friday's opening reception takes place from 6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. Find more information on the Jobot Coffee Facebook page.

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