100 Creatives

71: Carla Chavarria

When we last put the spotlight on 100 creative forces in Phoenix, it was no secret there were more than 100 individuals who were making waves in the local arts community. So as we count down to our annual Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome (back) to 100 Creatives

Carla Chavarria​'s passionate about making a change for undocumented immigrant students living in America -- mostly because she is one. The local artist says she hopes her visual projects and activism will explore the true face (and faces) of illegal immigration in the United States.

The 19-year-old photographer and graphic designer co-founded a group called "Dream Into Reality," made to promote the Dream Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors), which would help undocumented minors obtain the right to go to university or join the military with out being questioned about their legal status. On June 15, President Barack Obama announced his administration would stop deporting young illegal immigrants known as "DREAMers" who match certain criteria of the DREAM ACT.

I came to Phoenix with . . . my mom when I was 7 years old. I remember thinking I'm going to the US to see my dad, and to see Paul Stanley from rock band KISS. At this time I thought the US was a place just a couple miles away from home.

I make art because . . . it's second nature to me. its just something my heart tells me I must do.

I'm must productive when . . . im asleep, no really. Ideas just come to me either when it's really late at night or really early in the morning.

My inspiration wall is full of . . . I used to have a wall it was filled with news paper clipping, magazine articles and unfinished sketches but I figured out it was a just placeholder for my thoughts so I took it down. The streets of Arizona and the people are my living / breathing inspiration wall.

I learned the most from . . . my second nature says from my parents, teachers, God, but when i think about it i learn the most from everyone that i have encountered. weather it was the meaning of hard work from "paletero man" across the street that stands outside in 110* weather just to put food on the table, or my high school art teacher who always told me oh you did 10 thumbnails, now do 5 more.

Good work should always . . . have SOUL, like james brown. If it doesn't have your heart and soul then it't not your best work, move on with it and start one that does.

The Phoenix creative scene could use more . . . of YOU. the reader. we need people that not only support art but that have that inner creative spirit to come out, we can never have enough dancers, painters, photographers.

Carla Chivarra from Bryan Dugan on Vimeo.

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