8-Bit Deviant: Five Games to Play When You Should Be Working

It's afternoon, and you're sitting at your desk doodling, daydreaming, and attempting to update your Facebook status on your phone. Fortunately the days of office trash can basketball, coffee-chugging contests, and (hopefully) cubicle hurdles are long gone.

If you didn't get the memo, we'll spell it out for you: There are a ton of free internet games your HR department hasn't figured out how to block (yet). And we found a handful of pretty sweet ones you could be playing ... instead of working.

1. Sushi Cat

Who knew cats ate sushi? Well, if you've been playing Sushi Cat instead of doing your damn reports you would know that cats not only love sushi, they love to eat sushi while bouncing down a pachinko board. A very fun, and kind of adorable, alternative to writing, well, anything.

2. Goblin War Machine
There is nothing better than building the biggest, baddest war machine the world has ever seen and using it to run over villagers, that is if you're a goblin. Even if you aren't a three-foot-tall, green-skinned, pointy-eared psychopath you will probably enjoy Goblin War Machine. With an art style reminiscent of 2010's hit game Limbo, Goblin War Machine has you destroying villages to earn enough money to upgrade your war machine with increasingly destructive power. 

3. IntoSpace!

Reenact your favorite moments from the movie October Sky ... sort of. In IntoSpace! you are in charge of sending a rocket in to space. Easy enough. Along the way you have to pick up floating fuel (anti-gravity fuel) and floating money (anti-gravity money) in order to upgrade your rocket and hopefully be able to finally make it in to space! And, clearly, space is a much better place to be stuck, or lost (haha), than in your cubicle.

4. I Am An Insane Rogue AI
Is there a trend in these games with destroying humans? Let's just ignore it. In I Am An Insane Rogue AI, you take charge of said Artificial Intelligence and wreak havoc on lab workers and scientists in your bid to take over the world! Your mission: Hack all of the computers and take out any scientists that get in your way by turning off lights, locking doors and hacking robots to destroy humans. 

5. Portal: The Flash Version

Based on the uber popular puzzle game from Valve, Portal: The Flash Game is a faithful rendering of the original, using Flash. The game ramps up in difficulty pretty quickly and paired with its addictive gameplay and mind bending puzzles this one will keep you dodging HR and your boss for weeks to come. Pro-tip: The cake is still a lie.

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