8 Must-See Art Shows in Metro Phoenix This Spring

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"Andy Warhol: Portraits" Phoenix Art Museum Now through June 21

For most folks, American artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987) is that guy who painted all those Campbell's soup cans, or had that outrageous hair style that made the ever-mussed Albert Einstein seem perfectly coiffed by comparison. But there's much more to Warhol's work, which includes portraits of everyone from Hans Christian Andersen to Sylvester Stallone. More than 200 portraits drawn or painted by Warhol from the 1940s to the 1980s are featured in this exhibition, which was organized by The Andy Warhol Museum and culled from its own collection. Family photos and Polaroid pictures of the artist in drag are also included. We're keen on considering how Warhol's work informed the genesis of today's cult of celebrity and selfie-obsessed society. Find more information on the Phoenix Art Museum website.

"Through the Lens of Desire" Tilt Gallery Now through March 28

Continuing her "Cropped" series, artist Kris Sanford explores issues of identity, family and culture by using family photographs and those of anonymous strangers. Being young and queer in a family devoid of couples who mirrored her own intimate relationships, the artist set about imagining such couples and creating a fictional queer past starting with her grandmother's old family snapshots. She culled photos showing men together, and photos showing women together -- paying close attention to the ways their bodies stood apart or came together while imprinting her own longings and life experiences onto the subject pictured in these photos. Find more information on the Tilt Gallery website.

"Light Sensitive" Art Intersection Now through April 18

Long before phones starting doubling as cameras, there were handmade images created using traditional photographic print making processes like those featured in this exhibition: c-prints, platinum/palladium, cyanotype, gelatin silver, gum bichromate, and wet plate collodion tintype. We're intrigued by the prospect of seeing photographs that required more than pushing a simple button. Exhibition juror Robert Hirsch is an artist, author, and curator. His work has been exhibited in more than 200 shows, and his books cover topics including the history of handmade photography, a social history of photography, and digital photography. Find more information on the Shemer Art Center website.

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