91: Paul Hoeprich

91: Paul Hoeprich

Paul Hoeprich discovered his love for video/film production with his first SONY Betamovie camcorder. He was 7 years old. He received a degree in broadcast production and currently teaches film/news production at Arcadia High School.

"Sharing my passion with youth is an amazing experience and their new and fresh ideas sometimes can be inspiring and  amazing" says Hoeprich.  "We have wonderful support at Arcadia for the program from the district, administration, and community and business leaders that really helps to put the program into a level of excellence not seen at most high schools."

Teaching allows him time to work with his film company, Catbrain Film Factory, and to work freelance gigs. Catbrain's current project, On a Plain, is a fictionalized account of Hoeprich's life in high schools in the mid-90's. It tells the story of how the death of one of his generation's most notable spokesmen, Kurt Cobain, affected an entire generation of youth.

The last film you ...

cried during: Only film that has brought me to tears is field of dreams...not sure  
why. Americana, baseball. Father-son relationships, it just gets me every time.

laughed during: Not sure ... Films just don't seem to be as funny as they used to be.

fell asleep during: This is totally blasphemous considering the film was directed by my favorite director? But, I fell asleep during a showing of Weird Science at Valley Art. To my credit, I had watched two other Hughes films prior to that one...

What was your last big project?
The current project On A Plain is still two-years and counting.

What are you working on now?
Freelancing, enjoying time with the family and continuing on pushing On A Plain.

What's your biggest pet peeve in a movie theater?
Kids at inappropriate films.... Totally pisses me off.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done with a camera?
It was during a car scene for our short, single. My PA, Jacob Sacks, drove his mother's Audi station wagon while I leaned over the back seat  
and grabbed our DO, Tony Perea, by the collar so he wouldn't fall out of the car as he got a tracking shot of another car that was following.

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