100 Creatives

95: Mayme Kratz

As the artsy sibling of our fellow Phoenix New Times blogs, we run into some of the coolest and most talented folks in town. While Chow Bella brings you "100 Favorite Dishes," in honor of Best of Phoenix -- which is just a summer away, expect it on news stands and computer screens near you September 30 -- Jackalope Ranch proudly presents "100 Creatives."

The Creatives are the cultured superheroes -- and heroines -- of metropolitan Phoenix. Have a suggestion for someone you'd like to see? Leave it in the comment section. Maybe we'll convince your favorite Creative to do a fly-by with us.

96: Mayme Kratz

Mayme Kratz knew what she wanted at a young age. The self-educated artist apprenticed with artist James Hubbell in her early twenties. Her work is in many private and public collections throughout the United States and has recently been included in the collection at the new MGM Grand City Center in Las Vegas. She's represented by and exhibits regularly at Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale.

Five things on your Inspiration Wall (real or imagined):
The mystery of the universe -- especially dark matter, poetry, architecture, Arizona wilderness and fire.

What's your last big project?
I created an interior installation of seven resin sculptures for the new MGM Grand City Center in Las Vegas. The pieces are from my "tree" series and they are floating in front of a steel wall in one of the restaurants at the Aria resort.

What's your next big project?
Several years ago I started dreaming of creating a room with tumbleweeds. I think it might be a good summer project.

How much do you hate being asked what your next big project is?
I don't mind being asked what my next big project is... in fact, I need volunteers to help me collect the tumbleweeds. Anyone interested?

What's something you want Phoenix to know about you?
There is value living in one place and becoming part of, and growing with a community. Phoenix has given me many opportunities and I am happy I decided to stay.

And, if you're game, what's something you really don't want Phoenix to know about you? 
Well, I enjoy jogging through the neighborhood and I can't resist looking in doors and windows with the curtains open, but isn't everyone like that?

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