"A Bitch in Time" Presents Two Evenings of Female Solo Performances to Benefit Space 55

"A Bitch in Time" Presents Two Evenings of Female Solo Performances to Benefit Space 55

A year later, Space 55's Kim Porter says one of the theater's most sucessful fundraisers includes a lineup of returning performers and a couple of new faces. 

This Friday and Saturday night, Porter, as well as Lou Clark, Tawni Waters, Genevieve Rice, Dilcia Yanez, Leslie Barton and Sativa Peterson (who, full disclosure, are both New Times contributors) and special guest Angel Zingpowowski will each perform solo pieces that include stand up comedy, auto-biographical pieces, and fiction monologues. 

Porter, who's been performing, teaching, and directing solo work since the mid-90s, says solo performance is her greatest passion. 

"There's really nothing I like better than being in a room with an artist who has an idea for a piece and I get to be the one who helps the artist unearth what that story is and what form it wants to take," writes Porter. "I personally feel that telling our stories, in whatever form they end up being, is our birth-right as humans."

The show's expected to last about an hour and a half, and tickets are $10 online for Friday and Saturday night at 8 p.m.. All performances will take place on the Space 55 stage, 636 E. Pierce St. in downtown Phoenix.

"I think a night like this is inspirational because it enables so many artists to add their stories to the conversation, and it often inspires action from someone in the audience who has been sitting on a good story that they would like to tell," Porter adds. "Even though you perform it alone, it sort of takes a village to create a solo piece, because you need outside eyes to tell you if you're telling the story you meant to tell."

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