"A Book About Death" Call For Entries

A local Phoenix artist is organizing an exhibit based on a New York City-started concept and she wants your contributions.

Patricia Sahertian is putting together "A Book About Death" -- a show that debuted at NYC's Emily Harvey Foundation in 2009. The exhibition, as its title implies, explores the concepts of mortality.

The show's foundation is based upon the mail-art format - which local galleries and artists, such as Trunk Space and Ruth Davis, have done in the past - but with an optional twist of including small mementos.

"A toothbrush, a letter, a toy, a paperclip, or a swatch of fabric can be a fond reminder of a lost loved one," writes Sahertian. 

If you're wondering where the book comes in, there won't be one that will fit in the palms of your hands. Instead, the materials will be an unbound memorial to those special someones who have left the planet, a document that will hang on the white walls of a gallery space.

The submission deadline is April 25 for the exhibit that's scheduled to take place from May 3 through May 28 at Willo North Gallery, 2811 North 7th Avenue. (Full disclosure: New Times contributor Robrt L. Pela is the current curator of Willo North Gallery.)

For more information about submissions click here, and for general information about the exhibit and entry details, go here.

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