A Bookish Blog: blogs that make us happy

The woman behind "A Bookish Blog" at www.iheartmonster.com doesn't reveal much about herself. On her blog, she says she's an Arizona native in her late 20s that likes hiking and domestic travel, and loves her husband, "Monster."

That's all cool, but the only thing we really need to know about "A Bookish Blog" is that the author loves books and reading, and she demonstrates this daily.

She blogs almost every day, and posts everything from book reviews to book signing previews to reviews of local literary events. Reviews aren't just limited to books from big publishing houses, either -- she gladly accepts independent and self-published books for review, as well, and she covers local writers often. Her series of interviews with writers, called "Savvy Scribblers," includes fun, offbeat things like Meridian author Amber Kizer's "Top Eight Favorite Breeds of Chicken" and three things Willow novelist Julia Hoban can't leave the house without.

Some of her favorite genres are young adult, mystery, "chick lit," graphic novels, and non-fiction about everything but parenting, for some reason. She tends to focus mostly on female writers and their works, but her husband Monster helps balance things by occasionally contributing book reviews, too (his favorite genre: fantasy). With lit geeks like "iheartmonster," who needs "Good Reads"? 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.