A Closer Look at The Vault

The all-female cast in the new exhibit titled "A Closer Look" isn't looking to throw feminism in the face of gallery wanderers. Instead, the seven artists are aiming to open up a dialogue about personal identity and social issues through their paintings, photographs and drawings. 

The show, curated by Annie Waters, was recently unveiled in ASU downtown's new Vault Gallery, located in the basement of the University Center of the campus. 

In the underground space, students huddle around tables and chairs, and hunch over textbooks and glowing laptops, which, at times can distort the gallery experience. However, the admirable effort and tasteful display in the library brings a flare of creativity and warmth to the industrial space.

Artist Candice Eisenfeld uses her memories as a reference when she paints. These "inner landscapes" of the mind play with the viewer's perception of reality. The layers in her work (pictured above) reflect her interest in human desires and such as love and acceptance. 

Eisenfeld says of her work: "It is narrating a personal archeology of the id while simultaneously relating to other people what is timelessly universal."

Artist Rebecca Bergman's pops of color are more whimsical, but explore the idea of structure and purpose in the world (pictured left). 

"I use my art to express dreams, visions, the possibility of facts and my imagination, uncontrolled by reason," Bergman says.

The free exhibit will be up through Dec. 18 and is open to the public.

The Vault is located in the lower level of the University Center at 411 N. Central Ave., Phoenix.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.