A Crafty New Year's Wreath

Have you hit the after Christmas sales yet? We're sure you saw plenty of wrapping paper marked down and abandoned for someone to horde away for next year. But instead of saving all of the paper goods for the next 12 months, why not put it to good use in a New Year's Eve welcome wreath.

Poster board
Plates for stencils
Wrapping paper
Tacky Glue
Glue Stick
Clear Tape
Computer and Printer
Christmas ornaments


1. On a piece of white poster board trace a large dinner plate and in the center place a small side plate and trace it too.

2. Cut out the donut shape (this will serve as your wreath blank)

3. Cut out square chunks of wrapping paper

4. Cover the paper disk with glue.

5. Lay the cut wrapping paper pieces on top and rub down, so they attach to the paper disk.

6. Flip the wreath blank over and tape down the loose ends

7. Now cut a piece of wrapping paper 6 inches wide by the length of the paper roll.

8. Fold this cut piece of paper over and over at 3 inches wide.

9. Use the folds to cut along the folded lines.

10. Starting at one corner of this 3 in x 6 in paper roll onto itself creating a party horn shape

11. Use clear tape at the end to secure it

12. Run a bead of glue as a straight line on top of the cover wreath form and press the rolled paper horn down on top of the glue - Repeat this for as many horns as you would like to add

13. At your computer use a glitter font to type out "WELCOME 2011"
(NOTE: you can download fonts for free -- perfect for one time use projects)

14. Cut out the word "WELCOME" and attach it to the bottom of the wreath allowing it to bow for a 3-D feel - tape the ends down to keep them in place

15. Cut out the "2011" and tape it down to the very bottom of the wreath

16. For an oo la la effect tape on a couple of sparkly Christmas ornaments

17. Allow glue to dry completely and hang on your front door using a wreath hanger
Enjoy a fun and festive New Year's Eve!

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Cyndi Coon
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