A Hot Dude Safari by PoolBoy Magazine

There's a recipe to a good man hunt: a cute outfit, a good group of friends, a series of eye-contact games and small talk, and typically, a ton of alcohol.

Next weekend, PoolBoy Magazine, the Phoenix-based lookbook full of (mostly nude) Phoenix dudes will celebrate the success of its first issue and will begin the search for next issue's centerfold with an old-fashioned hunt of their own.

The Hot Dude Safari will be out in the wild streets of "Tempenis," and teams will be asked to document hot dudes in their natural habitat: the bar.

The safari includes scavenger hunt missions: find a "hot dude with a ponytail," and a "hot dude in sandals" (though organizers admit the latter may not be possible). Prizes will be given to the team with the greatest number of hot dude pictures at the end of the night. 

A PoolBoy crew will meet at 9:30 p.m.. at Taste of Tops in Tempe to dish out some swag and go over a few rules. Note: it's a ladies-only event, but organizers maintain that participants do not have to be single (or in any way ashamed of totally being used to find hot guys for a nudie magazine).

More info on the hunt can be found on the PoolBoy Magazine website.

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