A Life Less Ordinary

The Rod Blagojevich Senate-appointment-for-dollars ruse, though way controversial, may not come close to the uproar the Illinois governor caused two years ago. In 2006, he appointed Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad — a representative of the Nation of Islam — to his commission on discrimination and hate crimes. Think of today’s political climate and you’ll realize that this was a big no-no in many people’s minds. However, Sister Claudette’s legacy is not and should not be cemented because of her association with Blagojevich’s crooked ways. She has lived an eclectic life far bigger than any one hubbub. In her aptly titled book Memories, Muhammad recounts being the first black woman to perform in an NFL halftime show as a San Diego Chargette, acting as a special assistant to Lyndon B. Johnson’s Commission on Civil Disorders, and oodles of philanthropic travel and service abroad.
Sat., Dec. 27, 3-5 p.m., 2008
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Jose Gonzalez