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A Look Inside Phoenix Painter Lee Davis' Art Lab

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Functionality and flexibility were what Davis and his wife most looked for when they originally searched for a house. "When we looked for a place, we were also looking for a space where I can do my artwork," he explains. "So, it's a little bigger than what I would actually want in a house, but it's nice because I don't have to keep looking for a place to do art. Now it's just one big roof."

Davis works in a variety of media, including wood cuts, linoleum blocks and inks, but over the past two years he's been most drawn to painting.

For inspiration, Davis avidly seeks out scientific journals and studies. After deviating into graphic design years ago, Davis returned to fine art in 2008 and eventually got into the vein of science. In developing his interpretations of the subject, he needed to figure out his own style.

"That was difficult actually," he says. "It started off with just doing little small things here or there... I was rusty from three or four years out of it, so I just kind of played around with it a little bit. It took me a while to get there, but I've been progressively working through that."

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