A Night Out w/ Braden McCall

Braden McCall is a full-time architecture student, dedicated local music mastermind, and part-time party enthusiast. 

Known mostly for his prior involvements in a few different local bands, the 29-year-old currently spends the majority of his time buried in school books, tutoring other architecture students, and working on his newest music brainchild, Dead Wildlife, which is still in its beginning stages but has recently been commission to develop the jingle for a popular iPhone application.

Yes, after all of this he still finds time to hang out with his closest friends, frequent Phoenix hot spots, and have an overall rockin' time.

The Meet Up: Being Friday the 13th, McCall decides to scope out the wait-time at Tempe's Living Canvas Tattoo for their special $13 dollar tattoo offering that takes place every Friday the 13th. Missing the cut off by a few minutes, we decide to meet at Cornish Pasty Co. just up the road for some vegetarian bites (or for Braden anyway) and ice cold pints of hipster beer.

We discuss his tattoos--my favorite being the one on his wrist of Larry David pictured above-- and his life growing up in Mesa, being brought up Mormon, and being the middle child to four sisters.

This may explain McCall's gentlemen charm, downplay of his musical and architectural talent, and most important, his easy-going approach to being down for whatever-- as long as it involves friends, fun, and a little bit of Sticky Fingers debauchery. 

The Company: As soon as McCall's right hand man, Aaron Lockhart was through with work, we decide to head over to meet him at Bar Smith for Friday night's Sticky Fingers

Luckily, the place was packed to a perfect proportion-- having enough room to get some dancing in, scope some scenster chicks, and embrace a few of our lovely mutual acquaintances including, Tiffe Fermaint, William Reed, and Polyvia Ponsart.

Favorite Spots: Friday nights is where you can typically find McCall and crew but he's also known to dig places like Bliss/ReBar, SideBar, Phoenix Art Museum and hit java spots such as, Cartel Coffee or Lux Central

He's also known to frequent Camelback Mountain for hiking, and and any other historical neighborhood, especially during fall/winter. He also adds that Crescent Ballroom is his newest nightlife lovechild, admitting it's been the best thing to ever happen to Downtown Phoenix.

We decide to end the night by heading to McCall and Lockhart's apartment (the dudes conveniently live across the hall from each other) to play around with his high-tech recording equipment, geek out on his impressive music collection, and drink white wine until the sun comes up.

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