A Night Out w/ Emma Pew

Singer/songwriter Emma Pew is the barefooted front woman of Tempe-based funk/soul band, Black Carl. At 25 years old, Miss Pew has made a dent in the local music scene with her soulful vocals and larger than life your average white girl stage presence.

Some might think the voice doesn't match the girl but to really know Emma is to know this local diva has chutzpah and her voice, well, just comes along with the territory.

Read more Black Carl coverage on our music blog Up on the Sun and find out about our night out with Pew after the jump ...

The Meet up: We decided to meet at Char's Has the Blues in Downtown Phoenix, a local blues bar staple that Emma's been itching to check out. Though Pew's office job and server gig is in Phoenix, she typically goes out around her Tempe hood.

The Company: A few of Pew's close girlfriends met up with us to partake in the bluesy debauchery. It's clear that she's one of the guys with her raspy voice, Jameson preference, and lead role in an all male band but that she can also just as easily be one of the girls. We engage in typical girl talk about chivalry and shitty boys, Pew often leading the conversation with her eloquent insight.

Her dominant presence naturally gives her the spotlight both on and off the stage.

It isn't long before we're introduced to a guy that turns out shares a few musician friends with Pew. He tells us he's playing on the Char's stage in a few moments and asks Pew what her favorite soul song is to sing.

She's quick to respond with Otis Redding's "Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay" and moments later, Pew's invited on stage to sing.

Moments into shocking the band and a crowd full of die hard blues lovers, we're joined on the dance floor by Pew's friend and BC guitarist, Matt Noakes who made a surprise cameo in the fun.

When Emma finishes singing, it's obvious the older black man on the mic is wowed by Pew's pipes, "Give it up for Emma, or Eminem!"

Favorite Spots: While Casey Moore's is a regular destination, tonight she wanted to change things up in downtown Phoenix with Char's Has the Blues and Bikini Lounge for last call.

When we noticed we were the last people in Bikini Lounge, Emma calls it a night. This girl has an early wake-up call to rock out -- at her office job.

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