A Night Out w/ Stephen Chilton

28-year-old Stephen Chilton (aka "Psyko Steve") is the Valley's veteran concert promoter. After 11 years of experience in the concert promoting game, Chilton's name (and rockin' mustache) have become synonymous with the Phoenix music scene.

As a Phoenix native, Chilton has not only watched a place like downtown Phoenix develop, he's helped inspire it-- through kick ass rock show, after kick ass rock show. 

We caught up with Chilton on our most recent wingman venture. Read on, after the jump.

The Meet Up: Feeling the effects of a hectic New Year weekend, we decided to grab a low-key dinner at The Vig in Arcadia, chatting about everything from his views on Phoenix to zodiac signs to his nerdy fascination with etymology. 

There's a definite ease about being around Chilton, he's relaxed, sweet, and incredibly smart. "There's so much potential for growth in Phoenix. We're still a very new city," Chilton says. "Twenty-five years ago, Austin was far from the music mecca it is today, and the same goes for Seattle in '89. It's not static, it can change."

Chilton says the promoting name Psyko Steve was a stupid nickname that started in high school. "I hated it," he says. "The spelling error in psycho also has to do with the fact that I spell everything wrong."

The Company: Passing a lot of time with conversation, we decide its time to head over to Crescent Ballroom to check out a few DJs he's booked for the night, Anthony Hart or "DJ Hartbreaks" and DJ "Mr. Phoenix". Chilton tells me Hart is one of his favorite DJs to work with, knowing how to read a crowd and play what's fitting to the room, and also, because he's  just a really cool guy.

Being the Monday after New Years, the turn out was slow but that doesn't mean the jams weren't funky fresh.

Favorite Spots: Hanny's and Cibo in Downtown Pheonix are definitely among Chilton's faves for dinner, while local music venues are where Chilton spends the majority of his time. His favorite, Crescent Ballroom. "I'm really happy to be apart of it."

The night ended when Chilton and I realized we were "those people," still chatting while chairs were being stacked around us.

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