A Sale Sweater, Restyled

Now is the time to pick up pull over sweaters on sale at bargain prices. Soon to be too hot in sunny Arizona to wear them you say? We're about to show you a simple way to re-style them into cardigans, which are still helpful in freezing movie theaters, restaurants, and work places.
(And this grey pull over sweater was a steal at Target for only four bucks!)

Learn how to re-style a pull-over sweater into a cardigan after the jump.

-- Pull-over Sweater
-- Gross-grain ribbon
-- Sewing Machine
-- Thread
-- Button
-- Straight Pins
-- Scissors

1. Take a pull-over sweater and cut it in the center up the front from bottom hem to top collar

2. Fold one inch back to underside and pin down

3. Sew a straight stitch to hold in place
4. Take a two inch wide piece of gross-grain ribbon, fold in half and iron down

5. Wrap along the edge of the open seam, pin down from top to bottom.
6. Sew flat with a straight stitch.
7. Place pins where you want the closure to be.

8. Select your button and then cut a piece of ribbon or string to fit around the button.

9. Pin the ribbon or string down to the opposite side and sew in place using a straight stitch. Run several stitches back and forth to ensure the ribbon stay in place.
10. Place the button at the location of the other pin and hand sew in place.

11. Now wrap the closure ribbon around the button
You are ready to wear! Enjoy!

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