A Saturday Night w/ Gabriele Bertaccini

Twenty-six-year-old local culinary guru Gabriele Bertaccini is the Florence-bred chef, charming host, and passionate businessman behind Culinary Mischief, a once a month underground dinner party adventure, marking a Phoenix first for bridge-gaping dining events around town.

Bertaccini's "Mischief" has been around for almost three years. He says that he hopes the event continues to bring people together by introducing new flavors, new spaces, new faces, and new fun into the lives of "in-the-know" local folk who seek the kind of mind-opening, memory making experiences that Bertaccini lives for.

Six courses, six wines, thirty hand-selected guests, and one unique location. Oh yeah, and onehelluva awesome local memory.

Selected party guests are sent the venue details, two days prior to the event, adding that extra bit of adventure-- er, the kind of adventure that gets people like me extremely lost and arriving an hour late. 

Luckily, Bertaccini's boyish beauty, adorable little accent, warm energy, and the lovely mixture of mouth-watering aromas, seems to have the power to put all worries aside, filling the room with welcoming smiles on the faces of friendly strangers.

The Company: Shadi May, Vishaka Jonnson, and Leonardo are just a few among the knowledgeable, skilled and (very) beautiful Culinary Mischief staff. 

The 30 diners are a mixture of young and old, some newcomers, a few mischievous regulars, with an array of professions and passions, whether it's art, law, design or the simple delight of treating oneself to great food, wine and a damn good time.

Favorite Spots: Bertaccini admits he's pretty old-school when it comes to going out, enjoying spots like J&G at The Phoenician for a good cocktail, The Desert Botanical Garden, and anything outdoors as a way to connect himself with the Valley.

Bertaccini speaks between each course, to introduce each dish and its wine pairing (all of which, Berticcini divulges later, are under $10 a bottle at Total Wine). He also uses the time to connect to his guests, including random tidbits about well, whatever it is he's saying in that charming Italian accent.

Six courses, six (affordable) wines, thirty local guests, and one unique location-- lets just say, he had us at six courses.

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Nicole Smith
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