A Thursday Night w/ Julio "Foolio" Hawthorne

Julio "Foolio" Hawthorne is a 25-year-old local nightlife annihilator. As a resident DJ for some of the most reputable indie dance nights of the past (Ransom, Electrostatic and White Rabbit) and present (Sticky Fingers), chances are you know him by his DJ moniker Honey Cut.

As an Apple nerd by day, Hawthorne's computer smarts may contribute to his skill behind the turntables, but his absolute obsession with music from all genres is, without a doubt, a key factor in his ability to spin jams that rip up any dance floor.

Starting September 8, Honey Cut's new night at Film Bar in downtown Phoenix will be branded "Throw Back Thursdays," a weekly dance party he hopes will bring people together by bringing back memories with music from the past. 

Read on about our most recent Wingman venture with Hawthorne, after the jump ...

The Meet up: We began the night at Carly's Bistro in downtown Phoenix for beers and conversation. Hawthorne says nightlife options seem to be pretty limited on a Thursday night; most people flock to Tempe for weekly hip hop night, Blunt Club or a busy night at Casey Moore's.

Busy night or not, Hawthorne admits he's always down for pretty much anything, but wouldn't classify himself as a party animal. "I've been to golf clubs, metal clubs and hip hop clubs. I love to experience new things," he says. "Life is too short."

The Company: During our time at Carly's, Hawthorne runs into a few familiar faces. We contemplate heading over to Lux for an espresso boost but opt for JoBot, which is just down the street. 

We were a little surprised to see the late-night coffee spot closed, so we head next door to the Lost Leaf and run into a few friends including JB Synder, Steve Kelty, and Victor Vasquez.  

Favorite Spots: Saturday nights at Film Bar for Djentrification's The Palace is a new favorite for Hawthorne. Though he's only met Alex or Djentrification more than a handful of times, Hawthorne admits he's enamored by his skill, one of his goals for the next month being to ask him to hang, just to pick his brain.

Bar SmithThe Lost LeafSidebar and Casey Moore's are also regular spots. And while he'll admit that there are a lot of negative influences in the local nightlife scene, the wonderful thing about going out in Phoenix is the people. Hawthorne says that almost every time he goes out, he finds a diamond in the rough. 

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