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William Reed's notorious for being notoriously hardworking. In between his DJ and nightlife promoter-lifestyle, he also works with Desert Living as a music contributor and instructs a class at MCC on music management and talent production.

We weren't surprised to hear he hadn't had a full day off in two months, but we were a little surprised, when we played tag-along with William on his Thursday night off, to see that party promoter DJ William F*cking Reed is an around-the-clock socialite devoted to good booze, local establishments, music, friends, and fun (for more on his background, check out the 21 questions he answered on our music blog, Up on the Sun).

Hey, his idea of a night off beats lying on the couch in a snuggie watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well, for the sake of our Wingman feature anyway.

The Meet-up: The night started at Reed's humble chic pad at Third Street and Moreland, complete with a Christmas tree that was decorated with handmade ornaments he and girlfriend Kelly Calabrese filled with flowers and locks of hair (interesting).

The Company: Soon after the tour, introductions were made. Along for the ride were Jeremiah Gratza, the director of operations for local music concert promoters, Stateside Presents and Allan Gruber, a longtime friend Reed met when Camus was still the bar inside The Clarendon.

In between typical music geek chit-chat about so and so's latest remix and stories about the arts and nightlife scenes, Reed said he had to toss a few fliers on parked cars later in order to promote his weekly Friday night event Sticky Fingers at Bar Smith.

Favorite Spot: Sens Asian Tapas and Sake Bar (it's a walk away from his apartment) for dinner and drinks with a side of live music.

On the way over, we ran into his ex-girlfriend who was on her way to Reed's apartment to talk to his current girlfriend about an upcoming fashion show at Brick.

Reed says he's used to semi-awkward run-ins, and good thing, because post dinner and drinks we were stopped again by a man on a bike selling his poetry for spare change -- or spare pot. Reed shrugged, his friend Juan gave the poet a non-monetary "donation" and we continued home.

Ending the night was a game of Taboo intense enough to forfeit a late night cab ride to iHop for a late night cab ride home that might have involved my couch and a snuggie.

Hey, we cant all work as hard as William Reed.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.