A to Zine

So, the first edition of your latest fanzine, Bad-Ass Things About Phoenix, has been put to bed, and you'll be picking up all 300 freshly photocopied issues from Kinko's in an hour or two.

Now all you need to do is get your baby in front of some eyeballs, fast. Fighting for rack space with all those fliers down at Zia's ain't gonna cut it, so we suggest meeting up with fanzine fanatics of Cocoon: The Road Trip Zine Tour, which comes to Modified Arts on Wednesday, November 10.

After all, with renowned fan-eds like Dave Roche (former substitute teacher and creator of the zine turned book On Subbing) and Nicole Georges (creator of Invincible Summer) conducting readings and interactive slide shows, their small publishing success is bound to rub off on you.

Joe Biel, creator of The Perfect Mix Tape Segue and the zine documentary $100 and a T-Shirt (which screens at the event), says attendees can also browse more than 100 different zines, including long-standing favorite Cometbus and the popular Infiltration, the latter of which tackles something every alt-kid or crusty punk should know about -- breaking and entering.

"It doesn't necessarily encourage illegal activity, it just talks about what this person has done to break into places and what they saw," Biel says. "It's reading about the lifestyle some people partake in. Reading zines is very voyeuristic in the sense you're reading these people's personal documents."

And Biel's sure-fire method of getting your zine seen? Consider stashing copies at bus stops, bookstores, or even in bathrooms.

"I like to put them in places I think they wouldn't end up," he says. "It's like the immediate suggestion of seeing it next to you when you have a moment. It feels like an effective means of getting your zine to a captive audience."

Just hope no one runs out of toilet paper.

Cocoon: The Road Trip Zine Tour turns the page at Modified Arts, 407 East Roosevelt, at 8 p.m. Wednesday, November 10. Admission is $5. Call 602-462-5516 or see

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