A Tuesday Night w/ JB Snyder

JB Snyder is a full time artist, muralist, and fun-loving hedonist.  The 28-year-old has set up two solo shows in the past year and has added his painted stained-glass signature to spots all over the valley, but he'd rather talk about last night's debauchery.

Snyder's known for incorporating bright colors and asymmetrical shapes into his murals, recently painted at Wet Paint Art Supply in Tempe, The Quincy in Downtown Phoenix, and the wall outside The Dressing Room on 3rd street and Roosevelt. In March, Snyder tossed up his second addition inside The Quincy, and a solo exhibition of paintings called "Fragments of Happiness".

We caught up with the painter, wingman-style, on a recent Tuesday night out.

The Meet Up: The night started at The Quincy, the studio space/after hours venue of Snyder's friend and fellow local artist, Quincy Ross. Though I'd been to The Q a handful of times, it was a first to see the space without a sea of late night party-goers.

Before heading into the newly renovated gallery where "Fragments of Happiness" is on display, Quincy joked about how he first met Snyder two years ago. "I thought he was a rapper-- not really but I didn't know he was an artist until I saw his work at Conspire."

The Company: It wasn't long before we were joined by two more at Q, including Snyder's best friend or "brother from another spaceship," Jeff Hoopes (who Snyder jokingly refers to as his "associate") and Quincy's long time pal visiting from LA, Steve Hunt.

While soaking in the inspiring palette of bright and happy colors in JB's exhibit, Quincy asks permission to let me in on a tiny little detail about Snyder. Quincy says a mutual friend teased the exhibition should have been called "Colorblind." It took me a second to decipher if they were screwing with me but I'm reassured when Snyder, who is in fact colorblind, shrugs and says, "I think everyone see's things differently."

Favorite Spot(s): Snyder says The Lost Leaf is an everyday standard. We decide to grab a quick beer before heading over to Bikini Lounge for "602'sdays" where friend Alex or DJentrification deejays and sells his legendary vegan burritos. After sipping a couple in the VIP section (or the dark cooler area on the patio) and making a new homeless friend by the name of Marcus, vegan burritos were in serious order.

Bikini Lounge was full of familiar faces, including our homeless homie, Marcus, who rode there in style on Snyder's friend's handlebars. I was also introduced to Nelson, a friend whose house Snyder recently added a mural to.

When Bikini's lights went up around us, the group decided to make the move to JB's for more ridiculousness which may or may not have included Quincy arm wrestling and a really sweet duet performed by Snyder and his "associate".

When do these dudes stop joking and start, uhm, sleeping?  Eh, normalcy is overrated. 

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