A Wednesday Night w/ Juan Carlos Lenz

You might know Juan Carlos Lenz as "JC," or by his reputable DJ handle, BC/AD, and you'll definitely recognize him as an OG in The Valley's alternative nightlife scene. He's responsible for developing legendary DJ dance nights Party Foul and Ransom, he's helped to set the local standard for kick ass dance party debauchery, and he's also set the standard for what it means to be called a "hipster DJ".

That is, if a hipster DJ translates to being a lovable, Texas-bred gent who knows how to rock a belt buckle and trouble shoot a mac, just as well as he knows how to spin a wide-range of dance-inducing jams.

We caught up with Lenz for our most recent Wingman venture in Downtown Phoenix. Read on, after the jump.

The Meet Up: A long day of work for Lenz at local tech support and consulting company called for some late-night grub and tiki-style cocktails at Hula's Modern Tiki in Central Phoenix. 

Lenz discusses his Houston heritage (evident from the stars tattooed on his wrists-- something he often jokes to people as a requirement in Texas when you turn 18), and how it has shaped him into a "yes, sir, no mam" kind of guy. It's also contributed to his love for football.

His obsession with music is obvious first impression. He's known for spinning anything from underground hip-hop to Prince and progressive house.

The Company: We decide to head over to Crescent Ballroom to meet up with Lenz's close friend and fellow DJ dominator, Sean Watson. While Lenz makes us listen to his current song obsession on his iPhone, Watson tells us that Lenz geeks out on music talk more than anyone he knows.

Being buzzed in Downtown Phoenix on a Wednesday night means the night will end in a dance party on the rooftop of Bar Smith at The Scenario, where Lenz happens to have a special guest DJ spot next week.

Favorite Spots: Lux Central, Crescent Ballroom, and Bar Smith are a few of his recent faves. The Zipp's Sports Grill near his place is his regular "bro-to".

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