Accidents Will Happen

No demolition-derby promoter ever went broke underestimating the desire of the American public to witness vehicular carnage. It’s innate. We’re a country on the move, the car is our god, ain’t no way you cuttin’ in on me, muthafucka. That unchained aggression defines the demo-derby experience and our collective birthright. We’ve all either got a little redneck in us or been a victim of their chicken-fried antics (those merry cut-ups!). So whether you want to cheer on your country cousins or watch ’em bleed, head down to the Hellzapoppin’ Spring Demolition Derby. There’ll also be lawn-mower races, a tire-roll, and that dear-to-our-heart delight called car-crushing. Squish.
Sat., May 10, 6 p.m., 2008
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Clay McNear
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