Adidas Pro Skateboarders Drop into Paradise Valley Skate Park

Pro skateboarders Benny Fairfax, Dennis Busenitz, Pete Eldridge, Lem Villemin and Vince Del Valle dropped into Paradise Valley Skate Park on Friday, to the surprise of about 100 (totally stoked) local skateboarders.

The stunt was sponsored by adidas during a cross-country brand and new skate shoe campaign.

A group of adidas photographers also collected shots of "game faces" for a contest that could land a few local skateboarders in an upcoming adidas commercial.

Check out more photos from the event and details on how to upload your own "game face" after the jump ...

Local boarders (and a few of their sidelined parents) said word of the skateboarders' arrival spread quickly as adidas reps put up large banners around the park and unleashed a Volkswagen van-load of swag.

"Skateboarding's a great sport and a way to interact with people of all ages," said Benny Fairfax. "It's one of the only sports where kids can participate alongside the pros ... it's a cool feeling."

The adidas "game face" contest runs through April 28. Upload your own through the adidas facebook page for a chance to appear the adidas commercial, which will run during the MTV movie awards on June 5.  

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Claire Lawton
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