A.E. England Gallery to Host a Public Hanging for Art Detour

Public hangings are back in vogue. At least the one hosted by Art Detour, the much-beleaguered annual tour of galleries and artist studios that this weekend is celebrating its 24th anniversary.

The Art Detour Public Hanging will feature 40-odd artists, both amateur and professional, whose work will be hung at Artlink's A.E. England Gallery during Art Detour, March 16 through 18. 

The conceit of the exhibit is that all artwork submitted will be shown.

"It's a very popular concept," says Mike Oleskow, president of Artlink, which hosts Art Detour. "Art Detour did the Public Hanging 20 years ago, and this year we were saying, 'What new hook could we come up with for this year?' My partner, Russ Haan, designed the poster for the first Public Hanging, and he remembered that it was really popular. He said, 'Why not revive that?'"

The event, a fundraiser for Artlink, gives weekend artists with no gallery representation a chance to show their work. No artist is featured, Oleskow says, and none of the work is for sale. Artists' information will be available at the gallery, so that interested patrons can connect with the artists they've admired.

Oleskow isn't sure if the Hanging will become an annual thing or not. "It should be," he says, "because the grass roots nature of this exhibit gives the whole event a different focus."

The A.E. England Gallery is located at Civic Space Park, 424 North Central Avenue. There is a Metro Light Rail stop next to the Gallery. For more information, visit the Artlink website.

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