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Alexsandro Palombo's "SMURFASHION" Makes Marc Jacobs Blue

If your love of high fashion runs only as deep as your childhood nostalgia for The Smurfs, well congratulations. This edition of Morning Buzz was created just for you.

Alexsandro Palombo calls himself "the father of Fashion Satire." The artist and designer is also the creator of the popular blog, Humor Chic, "a daily society portrait blog" that features illustrated portrayals of the fashion industry -- from the politics and culture to the designers and their costumes.

Recently, Palombo posted a series of illustrations that no doubt had some of its subjects turning blue.

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"SMURFASHION" is an entertaining, somewhat creepy and somewhat spot-on, cartoon depiction of fashion's biggest names including: Coco Chanel, Valentino Garavani, Marc Jacobs, Donatella Versace, John Galliano, Ralph Lauren, and many, many more (seriously, where does this guy find the time?).

Check it out for yourself and see if you can identify the who's who of high-end Smurf style.

Oh and if you found this disturbing, your probably don't even want to see what Palombo did with poor Bambi.

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