All About Eve

This is perhaps the only article in the history of her career which will not mention by name the sitcom on which actress Eve Plumb became famous. That’s because Plumb’s current career as a painter has produced work that frankly deserves to be admired not because it comes from a former sitcom star, but because it’s so glorious. Her still life paintings of mundane objects -- coffee pots, teacups, salt shakers, impossibly tall palm trees -- evoke responses that have nothing to do with the artist’s pop-culture pedigree and everything to do with her understanding of the beauty in ordinary things.

Plumb’s work has lately been garnering local attention at Bonner David Galleries, where her latest series of paintings, which includes images of the room-service trays at Scottsdale’s Hotel Valley Ho, is now on display.

Oct. 16-29, 2008
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