All-Star Weekend, Zombies In Bikinis, Cowboy Mouth, ETHOS, and Reel Big Fish Over the Weekend

All-Star Jam at The Mint Tampa Bay Rays infielder Evan Longoria hosted his annual All-Star Jam charity event at new Scottsdale nightspot The Mint on Sunday, July 10, in honor of Major League Baseball's midsummer classic. The swanky soiree offered Valley nightcrawlers a chance to party like an all-star and featured hot spins from D-JR, celebrity appearances, and raffles for Nike products and other killer schwag...see photos

Zombie Bikini Contest in Downtown Mesa There was a surprise turnout for this past Friday night's Zombie Bikini Contest at Evermore Nevermore -- not because zombies aren't popular, but because a day prior to the event only a couple of brave girls were signed up to compete...full story

Cowboy Mouth Break in New Venue, The Foundry on First Despite pesky city inspectors delaying the doors opening and Mother Nature battering concertgoers with gusts of wind and blasts of dust, The Foundry on First opened her doors for the first time last night. The work-in-progress venue dealt with its fair share of opening night jitters, but ultimately pulled through. Doors were originally scheduled to open at 8 p.m., then were pushed back to 9...full story

ETHOS at Icehouse DJs Kill the Alex and Dark Mark launched a new industrial dance night, ETHOS, on Friday at Icehouse. The historic building was decorated with the fetish photography of Martin Hazine and the sci-fi inspired paintings of Aleta Welling. However, Shocklick, a temporary bar built on-site, was the center of attention for most of the evening...see photos

Reel Big Fish & Streetlight Manifesto at Marquee Theatre Quiz time! How many ska punk bands does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: one to screw in the light bulb and one more to pick-it-up-pick-it-up-pick-it-up. That's exactly what the audience got from the Reel Big Fish / Streetlight Manifesto show last night at Tempe's Marquee Theatre. Missed the performance? We've got you covered with tons of photos from the show...see photos

All-Star Celebrities & Legends Softball Game and Batting Practice MLB All-Star Game festivities officially kicked off over the weekend, bringing a swarm of fans, media, and celebrities to Phoenix. Here's a look at the 2011 Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game, as well as the batting practice at FanFest...see photos

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Jonathan McNamara