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American Apparel Closes on Mill Avenue

To the dismay of every nondescript unisex v-neck junkie in Tempe, American Apparel shut its Mill Avenue doors on Sunday.

The company reported a loss of $8 million for the third quarter of 2010 and was struggling with workers compensation and harassment lawsuits, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

Store representatives say they're spending the day packing up merchandise -- remixed indie songs blaring in the background -- and that the Scottsdale location at 4501 N. Scottsdale Rd. will remain open.

The clothing outlet will leave (another) hole along Mill Avenue, which borders one of the nation's largest universities. The Downtown Tempe Community hosted its first Third Thursday event, full of face painting and "artisan" tables.

American Apparel is the latest corporate retail venue to call it quits along the avenue, joining Dunkin' Donuts, Z Gallerie, Borders, and Uno Chicago Pizza (to name a few) in the last few years. Perhaps it's time for landlords to consider lowering rent for a few sustainable local businesses, or the have the community talk ASU students into throwing a few more unisex-Lycra parties.

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Claire Lawton
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