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Amy Nicholson Reviews Star Trek Into Darkness in This Week's Issue of New Times

Nerd alert. J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness opens today, and, at risk of revealing just how deep our love of the Enterprise and its crew goes, suffice it to say we've been re-watching Star Trek: The Animated Series (which, by the way, is great and on Netflix Instant Watch) in anticipation.

But we're not the only ones excited to see Abrams' second Trek installment. That's because the new flick resurrects one of the franchise's most memorable villains and pits his calculated coldness against Chris Pine's emotional, reactive James T. Kirk.

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LA Weekly's Amy Nicholson reviews the sci-fi flick in this week's print edition of New Times. She writes:

"Who are you?" pleads a doomed man as Benedict Cumberbatch looms into his first close-up in Star Trek Into Darkness. The answer is Khan. And that's not a spoiler -- it's a selling point. A less secretive director (i.e., all save the ghost of Stanley Kubrick) would trumpet that his $185 million movie stars Star Trek's greatest villain, but J.J. Abrams has so suppressed this fact that I suspect if you rearrange the letters in Khan Noonien Singh, you'll find the location of the Lost island.

Read Nicholson's full movie review in the New Times' film section and find a showtime near you at

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