Antique Trove: Hidden Design Treasures in South Scottsdale

Antique Trove is a junk drawer of vintage goods. The 23,000-square-foot haven of forgotten furniture and once-loved knickknacks is crowded with weird inventory from more than 140 vendors. 

It's easy to get lost (and even easier to find something you never knew you were looking for). Old magazines are stacked next to walls of vintage crucifixes, ceramic cat plates, and antique guns. The south Scottsdale antique mall is also consistently filled with an older crowd -- a sign of legitimacy in an industry booming with hip, young people. 

True to its name, Antique Trove houses some great design treasures, if you're willing to dig a little...

Check out our finds after the jump ... 

Under $10 

1. Vintage Arizona maps - 25 cents to $3.25
Depending on size,  Thrifting for artwork isn't easy. Pickings are slim at Antique Trove -- unless you're stocking up on fuzzy pet paintings or glossy '80s prints. But it is easy (and cheap) to turn antique maps into great wall art. Once framed, this large topographic map of Yavapai County could stand alone in any room. 

2. Flower plate - $8 
Do you have a plate wall? You should. They're easy, charming, and impressive. If you're looking to start or expand your collection, Antique Trove is the place to be. We've never seen so many china sets lathered with vintage patterns. 

Under $50 
3. Vintage '70s woven floor cover - $39 
Rugs are expensive -- so when you find an awesome '70s piece that seems plucked out of an Anthropologie catalog, you better snatch it out from under that secondhand table. 

Under $100 
4. Royal Typewriter - $35 
This Royal Typewriting Company device was manufactured in 1941, and still works today. Use it as inspiration to get started on your novel -- this model (the Quiet Deluxe) was said to be Ernest Hemingway's favorite. 

5. Vintage storage cabinet - $79 
Need storage, but tired of monotonous IKEA shelves? This vintage locker is a great, colorful piece for any room -- it can store dishes in the kitchen, books in the living room or shoes in the bedroom. Keep the doors shut for more space, or prop them open to display your design brilliance. 

6. Chet Beardsley bar stool - $95


Because every week, there has to be at least one drool-worthy Midcentury modern piece. 

​Antique Trove is at 2020 N. Scottsdale Rd. in Scottsdale. It's open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.. 

For details on vendors and their inventory, check out the Antique Trove website, or call (480) 947-6074.

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Jessica Testa