Apocalypse Chow

Ever wonder what saucy Scottish superchef Gordon Ramsay's really like? You know, when the cameras are off? Can the abusive, F-bomb-dropping, egomaniacal host of Hell's Kitchen truly be that much of a mean-spirited ass in real life? If there's one dude in the Valley who would know, it's Scottsdale's Brad Miller, the arrogant superstar-chef wanna-be who Ramsay booted off Fox's hit TV show last month for his questionable teamwork skills. (Of course, Miller's "stone cold" lamb appetizer didn't help his cause, either.)

Get some face time with Miller when he hosts the Hell's Kitchen Viewing Party for the overcooked show's Season Three finale. Don't expect Miller to dish on who walks away with the HK grand prize, but the 25-year-old, a Scottsdale Culinary Institute grad and former kitchen-hand at the Arizona Biltmore, may be able to sate your couch-potato appetite for juicy "Chef" morsels and other behind-the-scenes gossip.

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Jay Bennett
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