Apple Supports Banksy Art Location App (Graffiti Busters Rejoice)

Buffing out street art by Banksy (and his worldwide crew) just got a whole lot easier.

Banksy-Locations, an application designed by Banksy Simon Hassett, was made available on the Apple website today and shows users locations of Banksy pieces and even provides directions from your current location "so you can experience them for your self (sic)!"

That is, if you can outrace the anti-graffiti crew-members who have undoubtedly also splurged the $1.99 on an application that will make their job 100 percent mindless.

The app also features an image gallery, a pin-able map, videos by and about Bansky, and a search tool to find pieces by name.

No word on whether the man/machine/crew of Banksy minions approve of the application, but it looks like they (and the buffers) are going to have a lot more work to do.


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Claire Lawton
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