Arcadia High School Students Screen The Border at Harkins Camelview Theatre

Jake Lipson, Danny Miller, James Harkins, Yihyun Jeong, Josh Kanter, and Myles Kramer have more on their schedules than semester finals and summer vacations.

This week, they're screening the result of a year's worth of interviews and documentary footage in The Border.

The project began in Paul Hoeprich's film/news production class at Arcadia High School. The students hoped to submit their work to the Student Television Network (STV) film festival competition (it has since been nominated by STV for "best documentary").

But more than a documentary, the students say, the film takes a narrative approach from their points of view as they crossed the Mexican border, spoke with people affected by SB1070, and interviewed SB1070 author, Sen. Russell Pearce.

Lipson, Miller, and Harkins won second place in C-SPAN's national 2011 StudentCam competition with an 8-minute version of the documentary, and the film was screened during the Phoenix Film Festival.

This week, The Border will screen at Harkins Camelview Theatre, 7001 E. Highland Ave. in Scottsdale. See the Harkins Theatres website for show times and ticket sales (all proceeds will be donated to the Arcadia High Film College Scholarship Fund). 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.