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Arcana Cabaret Presents "Politika" This Weekend at Space 55

To escape the political commentary and election analyses that are likely to fill the 24-hour news cycle for the next week or so, Ernesto Moncada and his Arcana Cabaret suggest comedy, music, and a little creative movement.

The collective's "Politika" will take over Space 55 this weekend. Moncada says the audience can expect "superheroes, presidents, zombies, activists, and Sesame Street characters to collide in a politically incorrect arena."

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"Politika" is a collection of musical numbers and scenes played by a cast of 13 local performers who will comment of the current political climate, where "people's hopes and interest collide in a dog-eat-dog arena where dreams are common currency and smiles are mass-produced."

The show will take the Space 55 stage for one night -- this Saturday at 10:30 p.m.. Space 55 is a theater in downtown Phoenix dedicated to showcasing new, underrepresented performance in a relaxed environment. Each Saturday, it hosts a late-night series, which includes performances by local collectives including Arcana.

The theater is at 636 E. Pierce St.. For more information, check out the Space 55 website or call (602) 663-4032.

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