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Archer Returns With A Bang To FX

The idiot spy comedy Archer came back with a vengeance on Thursday for its second season premiere, which proved to be just as full of raunchy, underhanded humor as fans remember.

After thousands of fans flocked to the likes of Facebook and Twitter to plead with FX to renew the show after its ratings declined sharply throughout its initial season, Archer officially kicked off its extended 13-episode run with plenty of sex, obscenities, and explosions.

Check out our full review after the jump ... And yes, this article contains spoilers for the new episode.

The debut episode 'Swiss Miss' reintroduced Sterling Archer, member of the secret-spy organization ISIS, sent on a mission to protect a promiscuous teenage girl from foreign kidnappers while fending off her strong sexual advances.

Many of the original characters returned in the Thursday episode including Lana, Pam, Cyril, Gillette, and Malory. Fans will be happy to know that the same bitingly comedic dialogue and raunchy sexual themes from the original is still present in the show, but paired with even more action better befitting of the deadliest spy in the world. The debut was packed with snowmobile chases, guns, and flame-throwing, just to give a hint to the amped amount of violence in the second season.

Minor characters played larger roles this season -- Gillette and Pam are hogging some serious screen time and dialogue in the first episode. Krieger also silently appeared in the beginning of the show, but (the constantly name-switching) Cheryl only made an appearance in voice.

The second season of Archer seems to have happily found its stride with relatively few bumps or flat jokes in the premiere episode. The new season heavily relies on prior establishments of characters made in the first season, potentially making it a bit too 'inside joke' for some viewers. 

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