Are you the next Arizona Derby Dame?
Photo courtesy of Arizona Derby Dames

Are you the next Arizona Derby Dame?

Looking for a healthy way to get out all that pent-up anger? Not sure how to go about that guilty pleasure of wearing neon-colored fishnet stockings?

The Arizona Derby Dames will kick off their Fresh Meat roller derby tryouts Sunday, Oct. 10 at Skateland Mesa (7 E. Southern Ave.). Women ages 18 and older (sorry guys, especially you with the fishnet fetish), are invited to channel your inner jammer, no matter how good you are at flying around a rink on four wheels.

To get a glimpse of what you might be getting yourself into, head over to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1826 W. McDowell Rd.) for the Banked Track Roller Derby Championship this Saturday night, September 25. The undefeated Schoolyard Scrappers will battle the Coffin Draggers to be the first person to claim a mini banked track trophy, built to scale and in homage to the league's first year as a banked-track league.

But honestly -- potential derby girl or not -- who doesn't love a little girl-on-girl action? Throw skates, giggle-inducing nicknames and some homemade, cleavage-bearing costumes in the mix, and you have yourself a solid Saturday night.

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