Arizol: Issue No. 1

The anonymous group behind Arizol, the first, local graffiti-focused zine, dropped off a fresh batch of their first issue to art supply stores in September. 

And while you can drool over the photos of tags and pieces by members of local crews including BAMC, ISBK, and TAFK, don't expect to become a fast friend of the publishers. Looks like they'll remain nameless, save for an email address and links to an Arizol Flickr and Tumblr page that they left on the zine's introduction page.

The local zine's a quick overview of graffiti in spots and on trains around Phoenix. Little to no information is left about each crew or where the photo was taken -- perhaps a smart move by a group documenting what's essentially an illegal art form when it's not commissioned (a highly contentious topic within the graffiti community). 

The mission of the publication is visual documentation, which Arizol does in about a handful of pages of colorful photos and a few sketches. And while we're not sure who's behind the book, or where they got a ton of money to print heavy-stock, color zines, we'll definitely keep an eye out for the next one.

For more information, check out the Arizol Flickr and blog

Length, including front and back covers: 10 

Representative (and only) sentence
: "We are a zine dedicated to capturing and sharing a cohesive vision of what Arizona graffiti means to us and hopefully you too."

: $4.50 

Spots to Pick Up
: Art Supply Stores, Wet Paint Artist Supply

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Claire Lawton
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