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Arizona Cacophony Society's Epic Super Hero Battle Slated for November

​The streets and sidewalks of the Valley will once again be the site of costumed conflict as pseudo-superheroes wage an all-out war against one another in public.

The urban pranksters and mischief-makers of Arizona Cacophony Society recently announced the date for this year's version of their yearly Epic Super Hero Battle.

The annual event, which involves a throng of imaginative comic book-like characters engaging in mock combat on city streets (as well as a costumed bar crawl afterward), will take place somewhere in downtown Phoenix on Saturday, November 12.

It will also coincide with this year's Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts, an event that already offers a variety of brightly dressed participants and madcap action.

While the last two editions of the ESHB have taken place during the spring or summer, the 2011 version of the event was sidetracked due in part to the higher-than-normal temperatures that plagued the Valley in recent months.

Members of the Arizona Cacophony Society discussed several possible make-up dates later in the year after the heat had abated, but didn't want to bump up against any of their other bar crawls scheduled throughout the year (such as the annual Santarchy) or the costumed madness of the Halloween season. As a result, they chose to stage the battle just prior to the start of the arts parade. A bar crawl at downtown drinking establishments will follow afterwards.

The Epic Super Hero Battle 2011 will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 12, in downtown Phoenix. Visit the event's page for location information.

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