Participants in last year's Idiotarod in downtown Phoenix.
Participants in last year's Idiotarod in downtown Phoenix.
Photos by Benjamin Leatherman

Arizona Cacophony Society's Phoenix Idiotarod Scheduled for February

If you've been wondering if and when this year's Phoenix Idiotarod will be taking place, the organizers of the annual shopping cart race have ended the suspense.

Members of the Arizona Cacophony Society, the mischievous urban prankster collective that puts on the annual event, announced last night that the 2013 version of the Idiotarod will happen on Saturday, February 9.

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The news came via an announcement on the Arizona Cacophony e-mail list, along with plenty of 411 on how those interested in getting involved can register for the event, which features teams of four or five participants dressed in costume designed around a unique theme while piloting a similarly decorated shopping cart in a typically chaotic urban race.

Information about the 2013 race was also posted on the group's website, and while the specific starting point for the 2013 edition of the race hasn't been announced, it will take place somewhere in the vicinity of the downtown Phoenix arts district, much like in previous years (where participants departed from either the Bikini Lounge or The Firehouse Gallery).

And just like with previous versions of the Idiotarod, the race's roster is expected to fill up quickly. Only 36 teams can register, although organizers have often opened up extra slots in the weeks leading up to the event.

Either way, better get a move on if you want to participate. Per the Arizona Cacophony website, the registration fee is $40 per team until February 6. It then climbs to $175 for those who register on race day, and only then if any slots are still available.

Once participants pool their cash and get signed up, they'll then have to deal with a more difficult challenge: Coming up with a cool or eye-catching theme for their team and shopping cart.

The Python-esque participants of the Holy Grail team at last year's Idiotarod.
The Python-esque participants of the Holy Grail team at last year's Idiotarod.

It ain't an easy task, considering the sort of stuff that the artists, mischief-makers, and creative types involved with the event have come up with for past Idiotarods. In recent years we've seen such unique entries as a mobile disco, human games of Tetris, and even an entire entourage paying homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

"Start working on your carts, your costumes, and your creative tom-fooleries!!!" the Idiotarod event page states.


The Phoenix Idiotarod 2013 takes place on Saturday, February 9, in downtown Phoenix. More info can be found on the Arizona Cacophony Society website.

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