Arizona Diamondbacks Hold Statewide Scavenger Hunts for Golden Bobbleheads; Last One is Tonight in Mesa

Fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks tend to get pretty nutty about bobbleheads. Visit Chase Field in the hours prior to certain games where the seven-inch-tall plastic figures are given away, each portraying various D-backs players, and you're likely to see more than a thousand people waiting in line to get their hands on these cherished collectibles.

So it isn't surprising there's been quite fervor over the golden bobbleheads that the Diamondbacks' promotions department has been doling out around Arizona this past week as a part of a series of scavenger hunts. And tonight is your last chance to grab one.

On August 1, team officials announced they would give out 64 limited-edition golden-colored bobbleheads depicting left fielder Gerardo Parra (last year's winner of Major League Baseball's Gold Glove Award) to fans over the course of eight days.

A series of "Golden Bobble Scavenger Hunts" have been conducted in various cities throughout the Valley and around the state, each awarding one of eight bobbleheads to anyone both smart enough and lucky enough to figure out the specific location where the figures are being given away. (Certain fans also received a "golden ticket" for two to a meet-and-greet session with Parra that will be held on Saturday afternoon.)

Clues have been sent out via the official D-backs twitter during a two-hour period for each of the hunts, which have been staged in towns ranging from Tombstone to Prescott. The hints aren't exactly the easiest things to crack and usually get participants quickly poking around on Google in order decipher the location.

For instance, Wednesday's hunt in Payson got fans scrambling around the city's Green Valley Park after obtuse clues as these were tweeted by the D-backs:

We've even heard stories about how some participants have wound up at the wrong location and searched in vain for their prize, only to be left cursing their bad luck.

This provides one last crack at completing their quest for the golden bobblehead, as the remaining batch of the limited edition collectibles will be handed out during the final scavenger hunt. Starting at 6 p.m. tonight, clues will be tweeted for a mystery location somewhere in the Mesa/Gilbert area.

And when you're combing through the East Valley in a few hours while frantically Googling clues on your smart phone, remember the words of baseball legend Yogi Berra once said: "It ain't over 'til it's over."

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