Arizona Dispensary University: A Medical Marijuana "College" Now Offering Classes in Phoenix

There's a new school in the Valley that gives new meaning to the phrase "higher education." The Arizona Dispensary University, located in north Phoenix, is now offering a variety of classes related to medical marijuana.

The campus is located at a facility that serves as a prototype of a medical marijuana dispensary. There will be no real dispensaries open until spring of next year, but in the meantime, the property's being used as an education mecca for all things Mary Jane.

Classes will cover everything from cultivation of cannabis and creating marijuana-infused products to training on how to open and operate a medical marijuana dispensary. Classes on cannabis have long been offered at the non-profit Cannabis College in Amsterdam, where marijuana is decriminalized. But unlike Amsterdam, marijuana is not decriminalized in Phoenix (only medical marijuana is permissible), and unlike the Cannabis College, admission to the Arizona Dispensary University isn't free (classes currently cost anywhere from $100 to $250).

But these classes may offer some valuable information that would-be medical marijuana patients and dispensary owners need to know.

In a press release, ADU spokesman Allan Sobol states "Our not just on growing or cooking with marijuana, but rather on taking medical marijuana dispensaries into the mainstream of American business [and] changing the stereotype, by training individuals on how to operate a Medical Marijuana business in a responsible and competent manner."

Sobol says courses at ADU will cover legal standards, codes of conduct, civics, security, and more. Classes began about two weeks ago with a course called "Initiative 101," and have steadily sold out since (there are only 30 seats per class). The three-hour "Initiative 101" classes are currently full through December 6, with only a few seats left for classes on December 8 and 9.

The "Initiative 101" class costs $100, while the upcoming "Application Preparation 101" class costs $250 (sessions on December 16 and 17 are already full).

It's hard to say how beneficial or educational these classes will be just yet, but we plan on attending one in the next few days. Check back here on Jackalope Ranch next week for an in-depth look at Arizona Dispensary University and its classes.

Arizona Dispensary University is located at the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries of Arizona facility at 17233 N. Holmes Boulevard. Call 602-298-0099 or visit the "Education" tab at for more information.

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