Arizona Film Love a la Carte Seeks Distribution at Cannes Film Festival

It's not too often that locally made films get picked up and featured in a hoity-toity French film festival like Cannes, but the risqué subject matter of Tim McSpadden's Love a la Carte might just be perfect for European audiences used to films like Blue is the Warmest Color, Irréversible, and Nymph()maniac. However, McSpadden explains his film is much more than just sex. However, it does seem like there is a bunch of sex in it.

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According to filmmaker McSpadden, his sexed up comedy is currently "screening for global distribution buyers... at the Cannes Film market," though it doesn't have any public screening scheduled at the festival at this time. The goal for McSpadden is to find a buyer at the event so more people can see his naughty film.

Love a la Carte deals primarily with adultery, a practice all too common in Arizona, McSpadden says, adding that, "Phoenix consistently remains in the top 10 for membership subscriptions to. . . a marital dating website for adulterers." However, the film also features themes and settings key to the Valley.

From haboobs and "the whole immigration 1070 thing" to familiar locales like Havusupai Falls and the Imperial Sand Dunes, there's a lot of Arizona in the movie. Heck, our flag is even prominently featured in the pretty NSFW trailer. (Put your headphones on before watching.)

If that wasn't enough Love a la Carte for you, you can watch the entire feature film for $4.69 on Vimeo On Demand.

Editor's note: This post has been modified from its original version.

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