Arizona Illustrated: 100 Artists in 100 Years (Part Four)

​For decades, art has shaped this state. Almost 100 years ago, brothers Ellsworth and Emery Kolb packed a few ropes and large-format cameras and set off to capture their backyard wonder, the Grand Canyon. Their efforts were published, archived, and followed by a few of the the best landscape painters, photographers, and sculptors who continue to inspire artwork worldwide.

In the 100 years since Arizona's statehood, countless visual artists have made an impact on local culture through their work. Some of Arizona's most memorable artists were born here, some traveled through (and stayed for a while), and others chose to make Arizona home.

Today marks the official centennial of Arizona, and the final installment of our list. Check out part one, part two, part three, and today's 25 below ...

First Row: Nanpeo, Paolo Soleri, Phillip Curtis, Rachel Bess, Ralph Goltry

Second Row: Ralph Haver, Randy Slack, Raymond Phillips Sanderson, Rebecca Ross, Rose Johnson

Third Row: Cynthia Rigden, Sam Chung, Ansel Adams, Roy Wasson Valle, Sean O'Donnell

Fourth Row: Spencer Hibert, Steven Yazzie, Such Styles, Sue Chenoweth, Ted DeGrazia

Fifth Row: Timothy Archibald, Timothy Chapman, Tom Eckert, William Robinson Leigh, and James Turrell.

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