Catch Arizona Sidewinders dancer Tiara P. at the ArenaBowl.
Catch Arizona Sidewinders dancer Tiara P. at the ArenaBowl.
Courtesy of Arizona Rattlers

Arizona Sidewinders Tiara P. and Angie Baker Join 2014 ArenaBowl Dance Team

It seems a few cheers are in order.

And not just from the girls who do it professionally. The Arizona Rattlers' dance team, the Sidewinders, are saying bon voyage to two of their own who were selected to participate in the American Football League (AFL) 2014 NET10 Wireless Dream Team.

On Wednesday, July 9, it was announced that Sidewinders dance team director Angie Baker would be taking over as director and choreographer for the AFL Dream Team at the ArenaBowl XXVII. Baker, who had previously served as the Dream Team director back in 2011 at ArenaBowl XXIV and as a dancer at ArenaBowl XXI, is one of two Sidewinders to secure a coveted position with the national dance troupe. The other is Tiara P. (Dance team members typically do not use their last names.)

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Tiara is one of 14 dancers chosen to join the Dream Team and represent the 14 different AFL teams across the country. Dancers were selected through a nearly three-month voting process on, and they make their debut appearance as a team during ArenaBowl Championship Week.

ArenaBowl XXVII will air on ESPN at 8 p.m. EST on Saturday, August 23. For more information, visit or

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