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Arrested Development Season Four Trailer: Michael Bluth Comes to Phoenix

Those eager for clues as to what goes down in the long-awaited fourth season of Arrested Development got a few when Netflix released a trailer for the upcoming Bluth family installment, which drops in its entirety Sunday, May 26, on Instant Watch.

One scene in particular caught our eye: Michael Bluth arrives at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

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Those familiar/obsessed with the show will remember that Michael has threatened to move to Phoenix previously. ("I'd rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona," Lucille once said.) This time around, it looks like the son set on keeping his flawed family together might finally jump ship -- at least long enough to have his hand burned by the hot handle of a taxi cab. He also start his own company and does a little car shopping -- though it's unclear where those scenes take place.

That's not all we learned from the trailer. Kitty's on edge. Buster binges on juice. George Michael and Maeby go to college or hang out in some kind of dormitory. There are totally bunk beds. Lindsay gets a haircut. There's lots of yelling. See the full trailer below.

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